Αυθάδεια, pronounced as af-tha-di-a (:/af-θa-δia/), can be roughly translated as insolence. Insolence: rude and disrespectful behaviour, courtesy to Oxford Dictionaries. But its word-synonyms also include the Greek equivalent words of ‘provocative’, ‘cynic’, ‘audacity’ and some of the suggested English translations for authadeia include ‘boldness’, ‘sass’ and even ‘freshness’ and ‘liberty’. However, looking back at the origins of the word, from Ancient Greek, it is actually a compound word between αυτός (:/af-tos/, oneself) and ήδομαι (:/i-δo-me/, pleasuring), combined together to create ‘pleasuring oneself’ and ‘doing what pleases you’.

Anastasia “Natasha” Tsolaki studies Law LLB at the University of Sussex and originates from Nicosia, Cyprus. Natasha has been very active in areas of law concerning children and youth. She has participated in numerous academic programmes such as the Benjamin Franklin Transatlantic Fellow Summer Institute (BFTF) in 2013, three Model United Nations (MUNOG, MUNOH, MEDIMUN), and has been a youth advisor for the Commissioner for the Protection of Children’s Rights in Cyprus in which she also represented Cyprus at the Warsaw session of the European Network of Young Advisors in 2012. Currently, Natasha is the Deputy Project Manager of the pro bono Justice Project (formely known as Innocence Project) of the University of Sussex Law School.

Outside of her academic pursuits, Natasha is an accomplished judoka and also has a red-belt in Kickboxing.


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